The York Technical College Foundation, Inc. established the Emergency Assistance Fund to assist students currently enrolled at York Technical College by providing limited financial resources for immediate, unexpected expenses incurred by an unavoidable or unforeseen challenge or event. Students may apply for funds when they have exhausted all other resources. This funding is not intended to replace or supplement existing financial aid and does not have to be repaid. Priority consideration will be given to students with events that have the potential to jeopardize their ability to be academically successful.

Eligibility Requirements
Students may apply one time per academic year. Students must explore all other school and community resources before applying for emergency assistance. Students may only apply once per academic year with awards not to exceed $500.

Once you have reviewed the eligibility requirements, you may apply here.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

-Be currently enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours at York Technical College
-Have 2.0 GPA and be in good academic standing
-Earned a minimum of 6 credit hours at York Technical College
-Have a completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file
-Submit a completed Student Emergency Assistance application with supporting documentation.
-Supporting documentation must reflect the exact amount of assistance requested and be attached to the application (e.g. copy of utility bill, invoice for childcare).
Students must meet with the College’s Counseling and Student Support Services and/or Financial Aid Offices regarding their need for Emergency Assistance Fund support before submitting an application.

Once you have reviewed the eligibility requirements, you may apply here.

Covered Expenses
Below are examples of expenses covered by the Emergency Assistance Program. These lists are not exhaustive.

Priority Needs

-Essential utilities (e.g. electric, gas, water)
-Travel expenses related to attending class
-Emergency and/or temporary housing expenses
-Prescription, medical or mental health care expenses
-Childcare expenses

Additionally, the following needs may be considered

-Educational supplies not covered by financial aid that are essential for academic success
-Replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft, or natural disaster
-Travel costs related to death or illness of family member
-Other financial needs arising from individual and special circumstances to be determined on a case by case basis

Expenses Not Covered
Below are expenses not covered by the Emergency Assistance Program. This list is not exhaustive.

-Tuition, academic fees, or payment of an outstanding debt to the College
-Insurance payments
-Regularly anticipated fixed costs (e.g. cable, cell phone, or credit card)
-Replacement of household items unrelated to loss, damage, or theft
-Legal counsel and fees
-Parking tickets, fines or expenses mistakenly incurred
-Costs for entertainment, recreation, non-emergency travel or other non-essential expenses

Disbursement of Funds
Awards are made based on the type of request and urgency of the hardship. Decisions regarding the disbursement of funds are made on a case-by-case basis. Any funds awarded through the Emergency Assistance Fund will not be disbursed directly to the student or applied to a student’s College account. Funding will typically be paid directly to the service provider or vendor based on current invoices or receipts presented with the application for assistance. Award information may be reported to the College’s Financial Aid Office.